Design with Integrated Heater, Filter, Dehumidifier etc.


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AB&CO Easy CleanTM and ComBlockTM are developed for use in almost any areas including clean room and sanitary environments, and they are thus an alternative to Individual Heaters, coolers, filters, fans etc that are adapted and mounted on site in machinery areas.

AB&CO Easy CleanTM and ComBlockTM are modular build up in blocks inside a smooth surface and thermal insulated cabinet - with access hatches and doors. Delivered ready for "plug and play".


Pull-out steam section for AB&CO Easy CleanTM 


These integrated process air handling units are customized multi functional air handling unit. The solutions comprise a free choice of parts assembled in one single unit, covering almost any special request for conditioning process air / gas, and utilizing whatever heating and cooling source that are available (steam, thermal fluid/hot oil, hot water, electricity - ice water, brine, glycol and refrigeration coolants).

AB&CO ComBlock
TM as a small unit comprising air intake pre-filter, intermediate filter and complete steam air battery.


AB&CO ComBlockTM with pull-out from side

  AB&CO Easy CleanTM                                                                                                  
Steam Air Heaters for application where the cleaning  demands are high, inside and/or outside

  • Air intake - weatherproof
  • Pre-filter - F3/4/5
  • Winter-coil - steam / thermal fluid
  • Dehumidifier - cooling with condensation
  • Drip-catcher - with drain and trap
  • Reheater -  steam / hot water / thermal fluid
  • Fan - suction type / pressurizing type
  • Distribution Chamber - plenum for several outlets
  • Preheater - w. foreign heat source e.g. heat recovery
  • Steam Heater - high - / low pressure / combination
  • Condensate Recuperative Preheater
  • Thermal Fluid Booster - for extra temperature
  • Electrical Booster - for alternative extra temperature
  • Post filter - F6/7/8/9/10/11
  • Micro-filter - M12/13
  • Armatures / Instrumentation - above functions
  • Control System / Interface - customised solutions

wpe53.gif (15518 bytes)
                                                                                    AB&CO ComBlockTM providing hot boosted and filtrated air in two outlets             



Preparing the Loading - Shipment to France
Main Heater for Spray-Drying System : Steam Air Heating Battery with heat recovery,compound finned tubes and pull-out sections. Heating of 100.000 m/h from 10 - 200C. by steam 30 bar - condensate sub-cooled to 65C

see the VIDEO of inserting a pull-out section
- it is that simple !




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