Thermal Process Air Conditioners


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AB&CO has many years experiences in thermal dehumidifying (drying) of process air and process gas. The AB&CO Dehumidifiers offers a total conditioning of the process air with respect to temperature and humidity, which is important in many drying systems - especially spray-drying systems.


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Dehumidifier for milk powder production
Pull-Out dripcatcher - for Large Air Quantities


AXA Dehumidifiers are efficient and deal also with the sanitary question e.g. to prevent organic deposits and to prevent weet outer surfaces.

The units are easy to access and to clean efficiently - both mechanical and by CIP. Therefore they are widely within food industry and chemical industry.

Standard dehumidifier
after pressure testing at workshop
Sanitary features in stainless steel
- easy to access and to clean


AB&CO covers a large range of capacities with the AXA Dehumidifiers. They are adapted individually to any available coolant e.g. brine, low temperature thermal fluid, ice water or refrigerants. For the reheater section, any heating fluid can be used i.e. steam, thermal fluid, hot water - or electrical heated.

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Dehumidifier for Spray Drying
Pull-Out dripcatcher + cooler/condensator

Standard design includes gastight execution, all parts in stainless steel except fins, pull-out dripcatcher, condensate reservoir, drain with trap, supporting adjustable legs, air flanges and counterflanges. Reheater section is optional (reheating should always be established).

Dehumidifier  for Lurgi, Germany
All copper and 100% gastight



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