High Performance & High Temperature Heaters


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AB&CO offer a wide range of high performance air heating batteries for industrial applications
- designed with finned tubes (extended heat surface), plain tubes or with electrical elements.


  Process air, heated by :
Saturated Steam | Thermal Fluid | WaterElectricity | Combinations. Choose your heat source.
  Operation at Very High :
Temperatures  |  Pressures  | Output / Capacities
  Delivered in compact design due to very high heat transfer ensured by for instance the special compound finned tubes.
  Ensuring high reliability by high quality. Dedicated to users who demand lowest amount of down-time for maintenance and low LCC (long-term total cost)
  Customised to almost any applications within
Chemical, Food &  Pharmaceutical Industry
  Unique for Spray Drying Plants
for dairy, food, chemical industries and other process heating applications.
  Operating today in almost any country all over the world, complying with even the most demanding authorities. See the extract of references since 1992.












Heat Surface Options  :

- Compound Finned Tubes - aluminium fins machined up from extruded jackets on a core steel tube. For a compact and light design and still high temperature (300C) and strong design. Preferred design for spray drying applications.

- Plain tubes (without any fins). Made in carbon steel (mild steel) or stainless steel. For aggressive and/or very polluted air and gas.



Range of Process Air Heat Exchangers  : 

HighPe3.gif (5439 bytes)

Principle in Heat Recovery of Condensate
Steam Air Heater with Subcooler

CASE STORY : Preparing the Loading - Shipment to France
Main Heater for Spray-Drying System : Steam Air Heating Battery with heat recovery,compound finned tubes and pull-out sections. Heating of 100.000 m/h from 10 - 200C. by steam 30 bar - condensate sub-cooled to 65C

see the VIDEO of inserting a pull-out section
- it is that simple !



Steam Air Heater with Condensate Subcooler                              

Thermal Oil Air Heater                   



Always delivered CE-marked and with full documentation with drawings, diagrams, part list and necessary European codes and approvals (pressure vessel according to European PED 97/23 CE, and EN-standards).

Henning_D_Lille_isol_damp2.jpg (20290 bytes)

Small Single Steam Module
Compound Finned Tubes
Up to 300C / 40 bar

Small Steam Heating Battery
with 4 (four) steam sections
Compound Finned Tubes

Steam Heating Battery w. Heat Recovery (Condensate subcooler)
and Pull-Out Sections including prefilter section




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