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  Let AB&CO design from your needs
Get new and better solutions
And improve your economy !


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make some of your
own preliminary

A customised design is always necessary
when establishing a process heating systems.
The economy in these systems are huge, and
consequently you can both loose and gain
substantial amount of money
depending on how you invest
in the detailed and the overall design.

When Ensuring the Best Overall Economy
Design is Always the Keyword !


The thing is that designing
process heating systems
comprises more than just the
mandatory engineering skills to do
a prober system lay-outs.
It incorporate also doing
the more difficult qualified choices of
for instance heating methods,
and the choices of relevant
special features in order to achieved
the optimum solution in each particular case.

A good design is to ensure the
very best investment on long terms!

An example - you need to make
some major decisions about the
so when should you use heating by means of
water, steam, thermal oil/fluid, electrical heated
and/or by using waste heat recovery features?

Would you just choose the method
that you know already work and then believe
that this will be more or less a good solution?
It would indeed be a more simple operation
for yourself just to take the most obvious
- or you will need to consider
how to deal with a pressurised system
according to e.g. the European code
PED 97/23 CE and hold it up against
for instance a high temperature
thermal oil system
- atmospheric or pressurised - 
and for which you will then need
to deal with a recognised standard
like DIN 4754.

All Improvements in Process Heating
can be Efficiencies or Heat Recovery
Represent a Lot of Money Saved !


From a economical point of view you might
consider either a small scale or large scale
of WATER HEAT RECOVERY in the design
that will lower the overall cost;
not only operation cost, but considering
the complete pay-back time.

All this you need to evaluate based on
the operation condition specifically
for the actual circumstances
for instance how the operation vary
throughout the week with full load, part loads
and when starting-up or shutting-down
whether it is controlled
or as an emergency procedure.

Naturally maintenance costs
should be minimised,
but how can you more concrete benefit
- and how much precisely -
by choosing low-maintenance
required solutions?

All this need to be considered together,
and this will bring you to the next step
- the
choice and design
of components in the system.

These components can be boilers, heaters,
heat exchangers, pumps, valves, armatures,
safeties, instrumentation and control facilities.

For example how to find the most
appropriate parts for pressurised water,
steam or 300°C thermal oil,
considering safety, functionality
and economy.

Some components are very often customised
to the actual task. Typically the systems,
the heat exchangers and the heat recovery
arrangements are tailor-made for each
process heating applications, - but often also
boilers and heaters are often advantageous
to design individually
or special adapted for the task.


Demands for high efficiencies
and low environmental side effects
- are increasing these years worldwide
It is advantageous to be one step ahead
in these considerations.

Making all these considerations and
doing the correct choice is extremely important
in order to ensure a good overall economy.
But it is time consuming even for technically
very qualified engineers; there are
a lot of blind alleys along the road
that easily consume a considerable amount
of your valuable time.

Want to do
the new technique
- all by yourself or with a qualified partner
to challenge and work on your ideas?


It is important to have a qualified partner
at your side.
We have more than 25 years experiences
in working with industrial
heating applications.

AB&CO · CONSULT also design, calculate
and optimise a lot of important parts for these
process heating system such as boilers,
heater, heat exchanger and
other parts of the process heating system.

"You cannot get this part" is rarely an argument
for not proceeding as long as you
have got the right solution.



Maybe it is worth considering having
your own products. This is often chosen for different
other reasons than above.

Have Your Own Unique Product
Let us Design for You
Do the Manufacturing Yourself

Design4U !


You will then get your own designed
thermal oil heater, steam boiler, steam generator
or heat exchanger - maybe with a better efficiency
or lower emission than you can get elsewhere?
Do  you need extra heat, some additional technical
facilities and features ?

The answer is working with AB&CO · CONSULT.



CONTACT US today - and get way ahead
with a substantial improved economy
on your system and your equipment
- and of course, also based on
good environmental values.










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Siemens AG, Germany/DK
Lantmännen, Sweden /DK
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Arla A.m.ba., Sweden/DK
M.A.N. B&W, Germany /DK
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Sundolitt AS, Norway/DK

Public institutions in Denmark
Danmarks National Bank (Central Bank of Denmark)
Danish Technical University (DTU)
Copenhagen University (KU Panum)
Naturvidenskabelige Fakultet (KU)
Scion DTU a/s, Hørsholm
Designskolen, Kolding
Vordingborg Kommune, Vintersbølle
Region Hovedstatens Centralapotek, Herlev

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