Introduction to Portable Boilers as Steam Container and Trailers


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Boilermaker AB&CO (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Models Oil/Gas-Burner or Electric
Steam Capacities 70 - 4,000 kg/h (1,500 kg/h)
Working Pressures 3 - 190 bar gauge
Energy Source (fuel) Fuel oil and gas - or with electrical heating elements
Efficiencies (DT & L-DT):
The utilisation of Energy depends on actual working loads and steam pressures.
90 - 93%
96 - 98% (
including economizer)
Designs for extreme high efficiencies provided on request.
Examples using oil/gas-burner General Description
Steam System Illustration & Diagram
The Basic Boiler - Alternative 1 Oil/Gas-fired Steam Boilers
The Basic Boiler - Alternative 2 Electric Steam Boilers
Heat Recovery (DT & DTM) 'Economisers' (flue gas)
Flue Gas Data (DT & DTM) Data & Calculations
' Steam Table '
  Saturated Steam





AB&CO are a well-known Danish steam boiler manufacturer, who have specialised in customised solutions including mobile steam boiler units and steam containers.

The quality is supreme and the prices are most reasonable.

The Mobile Steam Boilers are delivered as customised portable solutions on trailers, in containers or build up on a skid-mounted frame. These mobile steam boilers are based on the compact and heavy-duty TT BOILERS steam generator boiler design type DT / DTM. These steam boilers are starting up very fast, and at the same time 100% safe to operate (no risk of steam explosions).

Also the line og
electric steam boilers type DH / DH2 are widely used for the mobile soltions. The below description however mainly explain the oil/gas-fired solutions.

More details on TT BOILERS steam container and skid-mounted steam boiler solutions.



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Containerised steam boiler arrangement


Skid-mounted steam boiler arrangement - in one unit

Portable steam boiler arrangement mounted on trailer


Electric steam boiler on wheels
for sterilising on large Danish brewery




Detailed Description of Mobile Solutions



The solutions are adapted to the actual circumstances. Capacities, sizes, efficiencies, burner types, scope of supply and much more are provided at only very reasonable extra costs. The stated table values only indicated the sizes of basic steam boilers.

These steam generator boiler have some special features:

Easy & Safe to Operate
- normally very few or no requirement  on installation, start-up an operation from national authorities (depending on actual state law and regulation).
Rapid Start-Up
- from cold condition, which also means no energy consumption when no steam output.
- no large water volume thus small outer dimension. Easy to fit in almost everywhere
Horizontal or Vertical Design ?
- even more flexible to fit into an existing arrangement. Choose between the
horizontal /vertical design.
Environmental & Customised Design
- Efficiency means low fuel consumption,  low CO2 emission and low NOx emission. Thus this gives low operational cost and an environmental (green) profile. A customized design gives different options in this aspect - depending on the investment.
Heavy Duty Design
- Rigid design and constructed to withstand extreme pressure and temperatures - up to 350°C and 190 barg on request (as delivered for a test bed for safety valves for nuclear submarine)
Price Attractive
- both in purchase, but especially in operation. Particular supreme economy at small operation times with periods with no or low steam rates.
Approved & Proven  
- by the most demanding customers and authorities worldwide. The basic design is 'battle proved' - the first units was put into service in the 70ties.
Special Optional Features
 - also suitable for
clean steam and pure steam



AB&CO steam generator boilers type DT and L-DT are industrial steam boilers with small and medium sized steam outputs.

Due to a compact and rigid design, these steam boilers are wide used in mobile units :

  • Container Solutions

  • Skid-mounted Solutions

  • Trailer Solutions




The units are developed and designed especially for reliability even during "heavy duty" operations - with no compromise on quality even though it mean higher purchase price. The focus is dedicated to ensure the best long term investment with lowest operational costs during the longest lifetime.

The pressure parts of the basic steam generator boiler are designed as standard up to 40 bar pressure although operation pressure might between 3 - 10 bar (gauge). Pressure of 190°C and design temperature of 350°C on request.


The industrial type steam generator is also known as the steam generator boiler. It operates as a forced circulation water tube boiler. Unlike the conventional fire-tube steam boiler (fire/smoke tube boiler), the water in the steam generator boiler contains a very small amount of water and steam (equal the volume inside the pressure vessel i.e. inside the tube).

As listed up in the left column, this gives quite a few advantages.

The AB&CO steam generators are delivered in the range from 100 to 2,000 kg/h steam at design pressure going from 3 barg and all the way up to 190 barg (for special applications). These complete units are easy to install and does not require any special foundation; they can be place directly on a concrete floor.

The advantages are numerous - just image what you gain with a start-up time down to few minutes on the smaller sizes!


Containerised Steam Boiler Room

AB&CO offers container solutions comprising all equipment for ensuring a efficient steam production.

Containerized solutions are used widely as an fast and economical way to establish steam up to 2400 kg/h.

It can be used as an emergency steam back-up, when a steam supply fails and a fatal situation occurs. With a container solution from AB&CO you can rapidly be "on-steam" again.

This solution is used for end-user of steam, but it is certainly also as an attractive business opportunity to buy these for renting out - and thus offering the above services to end-users.

Delivery options
10 / 20' containers :
Up to 4000 kg/h steam
operating pressures :
1 - 190 bar
20 / 40' containers :
Up to 8.000 kg/h steam
on two steam generator boilers
operating pressures :
3 - 190 bar