Introduction to Boilers for Ultra High Steam Pressure


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Boilermaker AB&CO (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Models Gas-fired Boilers & Electric Boilers
Steam Capacities 70 - 2,000 kg/hour
Working Pressures 20 - 190 bar gauge
Energy Source
  • Burner for natural gas, LPG, bio-gas, light and heavy fuel oil, and combinations hereof.
  • Electrical Heated
The Basic Models L-DT : (gas-fired units)

L-DH : electrically heated larger units

K-DH : electrically heated smaller units

Other Types Total Steam Boiler Program



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AB&CO are a well-known Danish steam boiler manufacturer, who have specialised in customised high pressure steam boilers in high quality at reasonable prices. The supreme technical features ensure that the long term costs are very low.

High Pressure Steam Boilers are delivered in small and medium-sized designs and suitable for very high steam pressure applications. They are available in different designs depending on energy source - fuel or electricity.

Types DT(HP) & DTM(HP) are compact water-tube steam boilers equipped with gas and/or oil burner and based on a design of the well-known steam boiler generators type DT and DTM.

Type DH(HP) & DH2(HP) are electric steam boilers based on the reliable industrial models DH and DH2.