Why on 'Earth' focusing on good environmental behaviour

- when everything about good business comes down to maximum profit ?



Actually there are very obvious and substantial economical advantages in good behaviour within sustainable process heating. They are based on the three green key elements :


Low Total Costs

High Efficiencies

Low Emissions

Low Total Cost is of course a most obvious and important feature to good economy. But it must be considered as the total life-cycle cost, also known as LCC and that makes things much more difficult. The total cost for the product / solution in question is not only the purchase price, but also the accumulated long-term costs during operation and maintenance, - the indirect costs due to down-time in production and the investment spread out to the total service life of the product. Things are related - low LCC is not only good economy for the user, it also offers a substantial environmental feature by minimising both pollution (emission) and energy consumption related not only to the operation, but also to the disposal and replacement of material that has been produced in other expensive energy consuming processes. In other words - "cheap buy can be very expensive". AB&CO offers both special customised solutions involving generally higher purchase prices - and economical standard solutions involving generally lower purchase prices.

High Efficiency
obviously leads to low energy and fuel consumption. But efficiencies must not be considered in the moments of operation only, but instead during a longer period involving stand-by in "hot" condition, low loads and start-up from - and shot-down to - cold condition. In other words, also considering the energy consumption during idle and during a certain period of days/weeks/months, for instance with numerous starts, stops and stand-by. High efficiency meaning low consumption leads of course to low CO2 and to low NOx emissions. Even though the efficiencies on AB&CO solutions are general very high, special features with even higher efficiencies can be obtained by customising the design with additional heat recovery features and ultra-high efficient parts and details. AB&CO offer large scale heat recovery both as optional extras for boilers and heater, but also by offering design of special heat exchangers (recuperators) on consultant basis.

Low Emission means low CO2, low NOx, low other gaseous chemical compounds and low amount of controversial particles - all this leading to clean flue gas. Today electricity is often a very price attractive environmental alternative with no emission whatsoever (solar, wind, hydro, nuclear). Focus on low emission enhances the important 'green profile' company image toward customers, suppliers and employees. Substantial cost saving are related of being ahead of the future's unavoidable environmental demands (eventually laws will sooner or later regulate this anyhow) - ensuring a long calm and good preparation period before finally pushing the "expensive" button right when the circumstances are optimum. AB&CO also offer a very large amount of different electrical based process heating solutions - the demand for this energy source is steadily increasing.



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