Electrical Air Heating in Industrial Applications


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Electric process air heating is normally quite fast established. In some countries even quite economical in operation (a.o. France, Sweden, Norway). Due to the increasing amount of electricity produced from wind power, solar cell and other new energy sources - electrical heating today becomes CO2 neutral and thus very environmental.

Advantages for using electrical heating include almost unlimited temperature rising, and it is therefore frequently used as additional boosting. On the other hand it requires faith in the manufacturer of the equipment, as burned-off electric elements are only a too well known problem to many users of electric heating.

Often the heaters are installed under demanding and critical circumstances.

Explosion proof electrical heaters (ATEX) are used widely within petrochemical industry and other chemical industries, as well as food industry e.g. production of powder.












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Extensive heat transfer and thermal calculations are always carried out  in order to determine the heat transfer profile including max. surface temperatures on the elements and to simulate extreme conditions. This  ensures optimum design and surface load, and eliminate the risk burning-off the electrical heating elements.


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 2300 kW AB&CO Electrical Air Heater for Indonesia


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