F I N N E D  T U B E S


Compound finned tubes (extruded high fins) are the general standard on the AB&CO Process Air Heaters for high temperature applications - such as steam, thermal fluid (hot oil), hot pressurised water etc. For cooling / dehumidifying and moderate temperature applications, the fin coils (tubes expanded stack of fin plates) are the general standard.

However other types of finned tubes are avaiable on request - for both heating and cooling applations.

These alternatives are used for special circumstances e.g. critical temperatures and corrosive environments, but they are also chosen for economical reasons.

Below is listed the most common type of finned tubes that can be offered on AXA Air Heat Exchangers.

Details of Extruded High Fins (Compound)
This fin type is fommed from a bi-metallic tube consisting of an aluminium outer tube and an inner tube of almost any material. The fin is formed by rolling material from the outside of the exterior tube to give an integral fin with excellent heat transfer properties and longevity. Extruded fin offers excellent corrosion protection of the base tube. Maximum operating temperature for this fin type is 290 - 300C.

Fin materials:       Aluminium.
Tube materials:  No theoretical limits.